Want some funky jams? We’ve got ’em. Need a slow ballad mid-set? Got ya covered. Add a bit of bluegrass to kick things up a notch. Top it off with a healthy dose of dance party vibes and you’ve got yourself a Muskrat Flats show.
Muskrat Flats is an Americana Jam Band that started playing shows in the Philadelphia area in early 2019 and now tour along the East Coast. The band has performed at many venues including the Ardmore Music Hall, the 8×10, The One Stop at the Asheville Music Hall, Martin’s Downtown, and 118 North. Muskrat Flats has also played festivals including Ramble Fest, In and Out of the Garden Fest, FlowJam, and Strange Soiree.  Catch ya on the road!

Muskrat Flats is:
Paddy McCann (Guitar, Vocals)
JP Florio (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Eric Cooper (Bass Guitar)
Matt McCann (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Jeremy Worthington (Drums)

…and their BIOs:

Paddy McCann – For over 20 years, PY has be crafting his unique style of writing and guitar playing along side his brother and bandmate Matt. His vast knowledge of the world of music has informed so much of Muskrat Flats landscape. Behind the computer, PY engineers for the band as well as House music for his solo project PY McCann. Paddy’s accomplished background includes performances at World Cafe Live, Milkboy, Sprout Music Collective, 118 North, Kung Fu Necktie, The Fire and The Boom Room.

Matt McCann – Matt has been bringing the energy and taking the crowd to a new level for over twenty five years. Performing live, in-studio, teaching, consulting and composing is the name of the game here. Matt has released 5 albums over the years with multiple acts such as Easy Four, Coal Mine Canaries and John Sterling. Those music releases include his 2017 single Sweet Amalia and the Muskrat Flats 2018 album Field of Rays. He has shared the stage with acts such as Flux Capacitor, Happy Dog, Catullus, Solar Circuit, Dean and Co, Dead Friends and more. And he has played in venues such as World Cafe Live, 118 North, Sprout Music Collective, Kung Fu Necktie, Triumph Brewery and Milkboy.

JP Florio – Picking up the guitar at the age of 10 years old, JP has been playing in bands since he was in middle school. Experimenting early on in projects ranging from indie-punk to ambient metalcore, his musical tastes have evolved over the years into a much more classic sound. Upon discovering the beautiful music of the Grateful Dead and the improvisational approach they set into motion, he has been enamored with jam bands and the fun-loving spirit that makes live music so extraordinary. JP has risen to recognition as a top regional guitarist, having previously shared the stage with Magic Beans, Litz, Tweed, Catullus, The Clock Reads, Dogs In A Pile, Pine Travelers and The Reality at regional venues including The Trocadero Theater, The Festival Pier At Penn’s Landing, The Boom Room, Silk City Diner and Bourbon & Branch.