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Muskrat Flats is an Americana jam band based in Philadelphia. Our music includes funky jams, slow ballads, a bit of bluegrass, and a dose of dance party vibes. Crafting groovy tunes for crowds since 2019, Muskrat Flats has emerged as a top Americana jam band bringing good vibes to the dance floor. 

The band has performed at many venues along the East Coast including the Ardmore Music Hall, the 8×10, The One Stop at the Asheville Music Hall, Martin’s Downtown, and 118 North. Muskrat Flats has also played festivals including Ramble Fest, In and Out of the Garden Fest, FlowJam, and Strange Soiree. 

Members of the band include:

Jeremy Worthington (Drums and Percussion)
Paddy McCann (Guitar, Vocals)
JP Florio (Guitar, Vocals)
Eric Cooper (Bass)
Matt McCann (Guitar, Vocals)




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